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1958 – 1960


Valerie Walsh
Maggie Fitzgibbon
Steve Arlen
Jean Muir
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers


1960 – 1962

‘The Ten O’Clock Follies’

David Wilkinson
Steve Arlen
Aleta Morrison
Pat Ferris
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers


1962 – 1963


Steve Arlen
Josephine Blake
Grazina Frame
Eileen Gourlay
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers

1963 – 1964

//‘High Life’..

Peter Regan
Eileen Gourlay
Christine Craig
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers


1964 – 1965

//‘Roman Holiday’//

Lynda Baron
Michael Desmond
Enrico Giacomini
Joyce Mandre
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers


1965 – 1966

//‘Fatal Fascination’..

Lynda Baron
Gary Miller
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers 


1966 – 1967

..‘Dangerous Curves’..

Peter Elliott
Pearl Ho
Penny France
Julie Cavell
Joyanne Delancey
Sonia Bendi
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers


1967 – 1968

//‘Wild West End’//

Rod McLennon
Michael Rowlatt
Judy Collins
Jacqueline Jones
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers


1968 – 1969

//‘Fine Feathers’//

Grazina Frame
Norma Taylor
Charles Yates
Barry Blayne
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers


1969 – 1970

//‘Out of This World’//

Norma Taylor
Antonia Ellis
Kenny Day
Dick Jordan
Carol Elvin
Maive Moran
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers


1970 – 1971

..‘Jet Set ‘70’..


Diana Quiseekay
Michael Rowlatt
Bobby Hanna
Paula Lane
Zena Clifton
Linda Dunn
Brenda May
Jimmy AnthonyThe Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers

1971 – 1972

//‘Tonight’s the Night’//

Diana Landor
Bobby Hanna
Robert Wilder
Lyndsey Williams
Tina Harris
Sandra Blair
Loraine Hart
Steve Cornell
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers


1972 – 1973


Lee Gibson
Robert Johnstone
Linzi Mitchell
Tina Harris
John-John Keefe
Elizabeth Elliott
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers


1973 – 1974

..‘Dream Machine’..

Michael Rowlatt
Ann Chivers
Valerie Hoadley
Elizabeth Elliott
Colleen May
Steve Cornell
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers


1974 – 1975

..‘A Touch of Venus’..

Elizabeth Elliott
Peter Gee
Diana Quiseekay
Dick Jordan
Joyanne Delancey
Connie Reid
Lavina Smith
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers


1975 – 1976

..‘Sweet Temptation’..

Jacqueline Jones
Bernard Sharpe
Valerie Hoadley
Charles Yates
Carol Conlon
Simon Kent
The Talk of the Town Singers and DancerS


1977 – 1979

‘Razzle Dazzle'

Sara France
Anita Joannou
Adele Neatrour
Les Ames
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers 




Blayne Barrington
Alison Bell
Peter Kenyon
Sara France
Chrissie Nagle
Sarah Antrim
John Peter-Jones
Richard Roman
Lee Craig-Raymond
Sarah Antrim
Sue Finch
Jo Thomas
Janice Bird
Rodney James
Geoffrey Barrington
Keith Bacall
Joyce Court
The Talk of the Town Singers and Dancers









    1960   1961      
Eartha Kitt

7th September

Max Bygraves

30th January
    Andrews Sisters 5th December Lena Horne 27th March    
        Sophie Tucker 15th May    
        Johnnie Ray 26th June    
        Frances Faye 24th July    
        Dorothy Squires 25th September    
        McGuire Sister 16th October    
        Julie Wilson 13th November    
    1962   1963      
Joan Regan

1st January

Marion Ryan

21st January
    Eartha Kitt 21st February Dolores Gray 20th February    
    Lisa Kirk 21st May phil ford & mimi hines 15th April    
    Frankie Vaughan 30th July Shirley Bassey 13th May    
    Shirley Bassey 1st October Joan Regan 3rd June    
    Beverley Sisters 26th November Sophie Tucker 24th June    
        Joan Turner 5th August    
        Jackie Mason 9th September    
        Edmund Hockridge 7th October    
        Max Bygraves 14th October    
    1964   1965      
Alma Cogan

6th February

Matt Monro

1st February
    Ethel Merman 19th February Earth Kitt 17th February    
    Mary Kaye Trio 18th March Edmund Hockridge 19th April    
    Bruce Forsyth 4th may Gene Barry 17th May    
    Shirley Bassey 1st June Patachou 31st May    
    Sophie Tucker 6th July Tony Hancock 28th June    
    Nina & Frederik 3rd August Buddy Greco 9th August    
    Lena Horne 14th September Frances Faye 6th September    
    Barry Sisters 9th November Jimmy Tarbuck 19th October    
        Hildegarde 15th November    
        Frankie Vaughan 6th December    
    1966   1967      
Cliff Richard & The Shadows

31st January

Dave Allen

17th January
    Vicki Carr 14th March Tom Jones 1st March    
    Max Bygraves 31st March Val Doonican 10th April    
    Liza Minnelli 9th May Dusty Springfield 8th May    
    Rolf Harris 6th June Mel Torme 5th June    
    Beverley Sisters 4th July Shirley Bassey 3rd July    
    Johnny Mathis 25th July Vince Hill 31st July    
    The Seekers 22nd August Marion Montgomery 21st August    
    Pearl Bailey 26th September Dickie Valentine 4th September    
    Frankie Vaughan 25th October Johnny Mathis 2nd October    
    Frank Ifield 5th December Gogo Galon 30th October    
        Wayne Newton 6th November    
        Sandie Shaw 4th December    
    1968   1969      
The Shadows

1st January

Lonnie Donegan

3rd February
    The Supremes 22nd January Sandie Shaw 10th February    
    Bruce Forsyth 5th February Frankie Vaughan 10th March    
    Lulu 12th February The Barron Knights 5th May    
    Max Bygraves 26th February Abbe Lane 2nd June    
    Matt Monro 14th March Matt Monro 16th June    
    Kathy Kirby 15th April Bruce Forsyth 14th July    
    Cliff Richard 13th May Sammy Davis Jr 25th August    
    The Seekers 10th June Vic Damone 5th September    
    Dusty Springfield 8th July Herman's Hermits 22nd September    
    Roy Orbison 5th August Lonnie Donegan 6th October    
    Rolf Harris 2nd September Raphael 3rd November    
    Raphael 30th September Billy Eckstine 15th December    
    Joe Brown 14th October        
    Englebert Humperdinck 28th October        
    Frank Ifield 25th November        
    Judy Garland 30th December        
    1970   1971      
The Temptations

12th January

Matt Monro

4th January
    Millicent Martin 26th January Lulu 25th January    
    Caterina Valente 26th February The Bachelors 18th February    
    Des O'Connor 30th March Howard Keel 22nd March    
    Shirley Bassey 13th April Dave Allen 19th April    
    Frances Faye 27th April Roger Whittaker 15th May    
    Bruce Forsyth 25th May Lovelace Watkins 1st June    
    Stevie Wonder 22nd June Hines, Hines & Dad 14th June    
    Roy Castle 13th July Caterine Valente 12th July    
    Shani Wallis 10th August The New Seekers 9th August    
    Cliff Richard 28th September Lovelace Watkins 23rd August    
    Buddy Greco 26th October Vince Hill 24th September    
    Bruce Forsyth 23rd November Beverly Sisters 25th October    
    Frankie Vaughan 7th December Dorothy Squires 2nd November    
        Sacha Distel 15th November    
        Bruce Forsyth 6th December    
    1972   1973      
Blue Mink

17th January

Georgie Fame & Alan Price

8th January
    Dick Emery 1st February Neil Sedaka 22nd January    
    Des O'Connor 26th February Cliff Richard 22nd February    
    Buddy Greco 13th March Des O'Connor 19th March    
    Lovelace Watkins 3rd April Georgia Brown 16th April    
    Frankie Vaughan 1st May Dave Allen 30th April    
    Nelson Sardelli 29th May Dick Jensen 28th May    
    Sergio Franchi 3rd July Pearl Bailey 18th June    
    Clodagh Rodgers 24th July Covers:      
    Tommy Leonetti Covered on 31st July & Bruce Forsyth 21st June    
      1st August The Peddlers 22nd June    
    The New Seekers 14th August Julie Rogers 23rd June    
    Pearl Bailey 4th September Matt Monro 2nd July    
    Dailey & Wayne 9th October Buddy Greco 30th July    
    Tonia Bern-Campbell 23rd October Tommy Leonetti 13th August    
    Billy Eckstine 6th November        
    Dusty Springfield ??        
    Frankie Vaughan 5, 6, 7, December        
    Jimmy Tarbuck 8, 9, December        
    Bruce Forsyth 11th December        
    1974   1975      
Lorna Luft

14th January

Peters and Lee

6th January
    Tony Christie 4th February Lena Martell 3rd February    
    Mike Yarwood 18th February Lorna Lesley 3rd March    
    The New Seekers 4th March Caterina Valente 17th March    
    Rolf Harris 28th March Frankie Vaughan 7th April    
    Rolf Harris 16th April Dickie Henderson 5th May    
    Re-Opening   Daily & Wayne 2nd June    
    Sacha Distel 22nd April Cliff Richard 19th June    
    Des O'Connor 20th May Roger Whittaker 7th July    
    Malcolm Roberts 1st July Kamahl 28th August    
    Roger Whittaker 29th July Tony Christie 11th August    
    Gene Barry 12th August Vince Hill 1st September    
    The Three Degrees 9th September The Platters 22nd September    
    Lovelace Watkins 23rd September Cleo Laine 6th October    
    Paul Melba 30th September        
    The Drifters 21st October        
    Peter Gordeno 4th November        
    Matt Monro 16th December        
    1976   1977      
Dukes & Lee

5th January

Madeline Bell

3rd January
    Diane Solomon 19th January The Bachelors 31st January    
    Peters and Lee 2nd February The Drifters 28th January    
    Lena Martell 1st March Matt Monro 14th March    
    Peter Gordeno 29th March Wilma Reading 18th April    
    Julie Rogers 26th April Guys 'n' Dolls 2nd May    
    Marilyn Michaels 3rd May Los reales del Paraguay 16th May    
    Salena Jones 10th May Peter Gordeno 30th May    
    Tony Monopoly 24th May Tony Monopoly 8th August    
    Mel Torme 21st June Kamahl 3rd October    
    The Sandpipers 12th July Roger Whittaker 7th November    
    Roger Whittaker 2nd August Julie Anthony 5th December    
    Kamahl 23rd August Peter Gordeno 6th December    
    Julie Rogers 20th September Tony Monopoly 17th December    
    Dream Express 18th October Peter Gordeno 18th December    
    Frankie Vaughan 8th November Salena Jones 24th December    
        Frankie Vaughan 26th December    
    1978   1979      
Buddy Greco

2nd January

Patti Boulaye

8th January
    Vince Hill 30th January Marc Anthony 12th February    
    Jackie Trent & Tony Hatch 27th February The Drifters 12th March    
    Madeline Bell 20th March Grace Kennedy 26th March    
    Frankie Stevens 1st May Tony Monopoly 23rd April    
    Los Reales del Paraguay 5th June Madeline Bell 4th June    
    Peter Gordeno 25th August Delta Rhythm Boys 25th June    
    Matt Monro 30th October Buddy Greco 23rd July    
    Frankie Vaughan 27th November Helen Geller 20th August    
        Rolf Harris 17th September    
        Marti Caine 15th October    
        Peters and Lee 5th November    
        Sandy Contella 26th November    
        Vince Hill 10th December    
    1980   1981      
Black Abbotts

7th January

Vince Hill

5th January
    Cashbears 4th February Grace Kennedy 2nd February    
    Billy Daniels 3rd March Bruce Forsyth 16th February    
    Iris Williams 31st March Rita Moreno 16th March    
    Anita Harris 28th April The Drifters 30th March    
    Pearl Bailey 12th May Sacha Distel 27th April    
    Grace Kennedy 9th June Madeline Bell 25th May    
    Anni Anderson 23rd June Grace Kennedy 22nd June    
    Tony Monopoly 15th September Wall St. Crash 20th July    
    Kamahl 13th October Annie Ross 17th August    
    Anita Harris 10th November Wall St. Crash 14th September    
    Rolf Harris 8th December Los Reales del Paraguay 5th October    
        Bobby Rydell 9th November    
        Anita Harris 7th December    
Matt Munro

1st February
    Peter Gordeno 1st March        
    Wall St. Crash 5th April        
    Julie Rogers 26th April        
    Joe Longthorne 17th May - 12th June